Highlights from day one of The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2015

What better incentive to blog than a day spent immersed in an environment humming with thoughts and visions about the digital/social/media future?

I’ve soaked in perspectives and pontifications – from soundbite-packed panels to the anachronistically-named ‘fireside chats’ all day. What have I learnt?

1. The ebullient, opinionated and incisive Gary Vaynerchuk is worth listening to. His opening rapid-fire presentation urged the audience to seize first-mover advantage and grasp new technology, rather than sit back and see if it’ll be adopted.

Classic marketing common sense, right? Sure: but in the digital arena, it takes new form. We’ve seen news cycles shift from 24-hour to 24-second: likewise, we need to move swiftly to embrace/take advantage of new platforms and media. In particular, Vaynerchuk touted Meerkat.

It facilitates live video streaming. It could be dynamite. Read about it here. It might be the (immediate) future of citizen journalism and/or marketing communications.


2. Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn pointed out that Facebook is mobile-first, as are most of us (whether we appreciate it or not). “The mobile revolution is about people, not technology. Mobile revenue accounts for 69% of our total revenues.” I often say that ‘words are our currency in PR’. She observes that we’re moving from a text-based world to a visual one. Am I behind the curve? Do I need to learn to draw…?

3. We media/advertising/marketing/PR types talk a load of waffle/guff. Sometimes you’ve got to dig under the surface of the semantics to get to the gold.

4. Tom Weldon from Penguin Random House pointed out that there’s clear delineation between his publishing powerhouse and Amazon. One is about execution, price and customer service – the other is about nurturing creative talent.

5. My attention span is not what it used to be. People who can live blog should be respected.

6. The world is completely different to how it was ten years ago. Change is here to stay. We really, really don’t know what’s around the corner. Strap in. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.

There’s loads of good content from the day here. Videos, tweets, a live blog. Go ahead. Feast. Or gorge, if you have the time and appetite.

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