Time poor, just not cash rich. But thankful.

So, we’re fully two weeks into the not-so-New Year. All my good intentions of disciplined blogging have gone to the wall.

But I figure that sporadic, thoughtful posts are better than lengthy absences interspersed by turgid prose, right?

Tomorrow I graduate from BCU with an MA in PR. I failed to get a tan or to lose weight for the photo. Managed a haircut, though. At least it will provide an accurate picture of what I actually look like instead of how I see myself…

Today, I’ve been with a new client in Oxfordshire. Next month, four of our team fly to Canada to meet another new client. Man, it’s cold there, now. Anyone want to lend me some thermals? In between those dates, we move into our lovely new offices (although, as you can see, they’re not (quite) lovely yet). A ‘work in progress’, I’d say; much like yours truly.

New office

The moral of the story (or ‘narrative’ as we say in (sometimes) pretentious PR-land): I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. And so have you. Carpe Diem, as they say. Even if it means going a few days without spilling some words out hastily via a keyboard.

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