Professionalism in PR. Not optional.

I care passionately about the PR industry making the transition from craft to profession.

Professor Anne Gregory recently noted in the Global Alliance newsletter that ‘Having a relevant and contemporary qualification is the first step in any profession having self-respect and a ‘licence to operate’ in the world of work.’ She’s right. Check out her article here.

Qualifications and experience must go hand in hand, but the days of an amateur with a cellphone and laptop being able to describe himself as a PR expert – and still be seen as legitimate – have to go.

I’m looking forward to the first meeting of the CIPR’s professional development and membership committee tomorrow. I hope that we can agree a roadmap from student/trainee, through training, qualifications and continuing professional development to Accredited status for all and Chartered status for those operating at the pinnacle of PR.

The world is moving fast. We can’t afford for life-long learning to be a tick-box exercise. Horrid cliché. Must get myself on a writing refresher…

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