Jason MacKenzie

Communications consultant. Strategist. Campaigner.

Jason is the Managing Partner of Nudge Factory; Visiting Industry Fellow at Birmingham City University; and conference and event speaker for Specialist Speakers. He is an expert in directing campaigns and elections.

He is also Past-President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the largest professional membership organisation for PR practitioners in Europe, and the only Royal Chartered body for PR in the world. During his presidency, the CIPR expanded its reach to 85 countries, grew turnover, cut costs, and increased rates of membership acquisition and retention.

Jason has delivered keynote speeches at conferences in Egypt, Germany, Iran, Mexico and Poland, and at events in Oman, Saudia Arabia and across the United Kingdom. He is in demand as a consultant, conference speaker, and university guest lecturer – having spoken on MBA, MA and professional postgraduate courses throughout England, including Henley Business School and the University of Exeter Business School.

Perception. Positioning. Persuasion.

Advocacy, public diplomacy and strategic counsel

Helping countries develop geopolitical influence for increased recognition, improved trade and connectivity. Working across stakeholder groups to develop sustainable competitive advantage.

Brand and capacity building for countries and parties

Equipping nations, governments, political parties and politicians to increase their reach and influence through brand narrative work and strategic communications initiatives.

Creating soft power initiatives, FDI and bilateral trade

Changing perceptions and boosting economies through facilitating international networks. Delivering interconnected approaches resulting in transformative outcomes.

Directing political campaigns and elections

Crafting winning campaigns through incisive strategic thinking and integrated, hard-working tactical implementation. Overseeing all air, ground and digital campaign elements, to deliver results.

WHO do I work with? Governments, political parties, politicians and corporations.
WHAT do i do? Create effective campaigns that influence and persuade stakeholders and target audiences.
HOW do I do it? By developing integrated strategies that build awareness, shape perception, change hearts and minds – and deliver results.